1. X 20 (Incl. A Thousand Details, Lindsey Herbert and Dj Datch Remixes) [NWR022]
    Motion Symmetry

  2. Odissee erranti (Incl. The Alchemical Theory and Craft Remixes) [NWR021]
    Andrea Cossu

  3. Diary of my Misanthropy (Incl. Steve Parker and Ruhig Remixes) [NWRV004]
    Dj Datch

  4. Udaipur (Incl. Aquiver and Infinity Remixes) [NWR020]
    Martyn Päsch

  5. Ayahuha (Incl. Svarog, NFEREE and Orbital Mechanics Remixes) [NWR019]

  6. Haunting Memories Vol. II [NWRCS002]
    Various Artist

  7. Black Days [FREEDOWNLOAD005]

  8. Texture (Incl. Aleja Sanchez and Sicarius Hahni Remixes) [NWR018]
    Traversable Message

  9. Hubble "The Remixes" [NWR017]

  10. When the humans will walk with the gods (Incl. Blazej Malinowski Remix) [NWRV003]
    Dorian Gray

  11. 19HZ (Incl. Hydrangea and WTTM Remixes) [NWR016]

  12. Haunting Memories Vol. I
    Various Artist

  13. Collateral (Incl. Ryogo Yamamori and Fonemi Remixes) [NWR015]

  14. Costellazioni (Incl. Claudio PRC and Sicarius Hahni Remixes) [NWRV002]
    Kryss Hypnowave

  15. Atlantis (Incl. Andrea Cossu Remix) [NWR014]
    Dj Datch

  16. Regole di quartiere (Mesz_one Remix) [FREEDOWNLOAD004]
    Sicarius Hahni

  17. Night Drama (Incl. Mesz_one & Klėn Remixes) [NWR013]
    Main Leaf

  18. Kindnesses (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD003]
    Jacopo Bacci

  19. Waiting for Lazarus (Incl. Between Ourselves, Garance and Opposite Ways Remix) [NWR012]

  20. Nervo Scoperto [FREEDOWNLOAD002]

  21. Tanz Bruder [NWR011]
    Marco Ranieri

  22. Tasted [NWR010]

  23. Media Zero (The Remixes) [NWR009]
    Sicarius Hahni

  24. Elektronik (Incl. Petar Dundov & Matthus Raman Remixes) [NWRV001]
    Mark Strain

  25. Mesz - EX (Original Mix) [FREEDOWNLOAD001]

  26. Media Zero [NWR008]
    Sicarius Hahni

  27. Dancing through the night [NWR007]
    Guido Cusani

  28. Momentum [NWR006]
    Mark Strain

  29. Perception [NWR005]

  30. Remedy [NWR004]
    Luca de Lucia

  31. Oblivium [NWR003]
    Mark Strain

  32. ImAman & Domenico Raffone - Underground Cables [NWR002]

  33. Somewhere Else (Incl. Mark Strain Remix) [NWR001]
    Francesco Bonora


No Way Records Italy

Established in 2016 as a vinyl and digital label, No Way Records was born with no conditioning and no model to emulate, but a singular idea informed by the white arrow of the logo spearheading the ideology of the label. This is not a Techno label. This is music informed by the synthesised soundscapes of electronic traditions and transmitted on the pulse of a contemporary dance floor. ... more

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